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About Marine Engines

We have been offering exceptional rebuilt marine engines since 1986 and this experience comes through in everything that we do. Ultimately what our company was founded on from the start - superior customer service, high quality rebuilt engines, and affordable prices - is the motivation that guides us today. We have never minimized our dedication to service with integrity and our passion for being able to give our customers the full experience from expert guidance, to skilled remanufacturing, quality installation, and a superior warranty.

We start with a respected team of skilled technicians who are dedicated to the process at hand. They know marine engines - inside and out and any of our marine engines for sale are ultimately a reflection of their skill and dedication. We take that seriously and we strive to ensure that we can always stand behind our work with nothing but confidence and pride. Our recommitment to these values everyday means that our customers always have a consistent experience with us. You will have the same quality experience with us the tenth time as you do the first time; you can always rely on us for an honest assessment and a great product.

Why Marine Engines?

We know that you have your choice of who to work with and we feel great pride when consumers choose to work with us; but it’s something that we work hard for everyday. We have set out to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace and we do so through a number of factors including:

  • Skill and experience. In the end, a high quality rebuilt marine engine comes down to the skill level of those performing the rebuild. Our technicians understand marine engines and their experience over the years has given them the edge in being able to speak with integrity to our customers - to give them information about what will benefit them the most.

  • Quality Control. Aside from doing great work we have put a systematic process together that allows us to monitor our quality control standards throughout the entire process. We inspect and test our rebuilt marine engines throughout the rebuild process and after.

  • Exceptional Warranty.. We stand behind our work 100%; and the only way to do that for us is to offer one of the best warranties in the industry - our 7 years, 500 hours warranty.

At Marine Engines we have been proud to serve the industry for 25 years - and we are honored to keep serving our customers with the same high level of excellence for many years to come!



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