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Welcome to Marine Engines - where we provide customers with reliable, durable, and affordable marine engines for sale; a comprehensive selection that is distinguished in the industry as among the best - whether you’re looking for 454 marine engines or a Mercruiser engine. At Marine Engines our dedication is to providing our customers with boat engines that last - a high quality, yet affordable, rebuilt marine engine that helps improve boat performance.

Each rebuilt marine engine is handled by our team of skilled technicians whose job it is to remanufacture the engines systematically in a manner that not only meets but exceeds the standards currently set in the industry. We are committed to this level of quality at all times as evidenced by the skill level of our technicians who are vastly experienced and richly knowledgeable - not only about marine engines but the innovative techniques involved in building those engines. The strength of our team, in conjunction with our sources for the highest marine engine soft parts, allows us to deliver rebuilt marine motors that offer efficiency, performance power, and a solid and long lasting return on investment.

Our remanufacturing process is without a doubt a cut above the competition which is one of the ways that we are able to differentiate ourselves in the market. Additionally, we subject each rebuilt marine engine to a stringent inspection that examines the individual components for quality of workmanship and high functionality before assembly is even started. Every component and fit is thoroughly examined and adjusted if need be by not only the lead person on the project but by our qualified and experienced Quality Control Team. All of these quality control measures are put into place before, during, and after remanufacturing; including examination of the product by our shipping clerk. After all of this is complete, our boat engines are certified, packed, and securely shipped. All marine engines also come with our impressive 7 years, 500 hours Signature Warranty.

Our ultimate goal is always to provide our customers with premium rebuilt quality marine engines. We guarantee that our engines are 100% marine engines - not auto engines that are simply being sold as marine engines as is frequently done in the industry. We offer a comprehensive selection of marine engines that will allow you to use less fuel and yet gain more power. No matter what your specific requirements, you can have confidence that you’ll receive the highest level of quality marine engines for sale along with the service for which we have become known.

Marine engines are rebuilt right here in our factory and include new pistons, new rings, new valves, new timing set, new springs, new rockers, new push rods, new lifters, new bearings and brass freeze plugs. The blocks are bored oversize. Crankshafts, rods, head castings and camshafts are machined back to marine engine specifications. And, again, all marine engines are fully tested before they leave our factory.

At Marine Engines you will always get service with integrity. Our team of professionals are experts in remanufacturing so you will always be dealing with some of the best in the industry. Our company as a whole believes in giving our best everyday - our best work, our best prices, and our best service!


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