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Marine Engines

Marine engines, or boat engines, deliver power on the water, giving boat operators - those who live and work on the water or weekend enthusiasts - the opportunity to power their vehicle most effectively. Those who are in the market for boat engines want power, fuel efficiency, and, of course, long term reliability; something on which they can depend year after year.

At Marine Engines we do all that we can to ensure that our customers are able to operate their marine engines with power, responsibility, and in a manner that is affordable. After all, less fuel consumption means lower fuel bills. We make a guarantee to our customers that our engines are all 100% marine engines rather than auto engines that are passed off as marine engines as is often done within our industry. Of course, auto engines cannot deliver the power or the fuel efficiency that marine engines deliver - that which allows boats to operate at their most efficient.

Our team of skilled technicians handles each rebuilt marine engine with experience behind them. Our rebuilt marine motors give boat operators the power that they demand while still allowing them to consume less fuel - ultimately saving them money in operating costs. We offer some of the best marine engines for sale in the market; we manufacture them, test them, and even install them. And we offer a wide selection of boat engines in brands such as Ford, Chevy GM, Volva Penta, Chrysler, Mercruiser, and more.

Why Marine Engines?

  • Our marine engines for sale offer the exceptional power that you need for boat operations, while still offering increased fuel efficiency.

  • We offer our customers a guarantee that we only offer 100% boat engines; not auto engines that are passed off as marine engines as happens often in our industry. It may cost less to rebuild auto engines but they don’t provide the power necessary for boats.

  • Each rebuilt marine engine is remanufactured here in our factory. Doing the work in-house allows us to pass on factory-direct prices to you.

  • For those customers who want the option, we offer expert installation.

  • Our boat engines are built to endure for many years to come. All rebuilt engines come standard with new rings, pistons, timing set, valves, rockers, springs, lifters, push rods, brass freeze plugs, and bearings. Rods, camshafts, crankshafts, and head castings are machined back to marine engine specifications. The blocks are bored oversize.

  • Our meticulous Quality Control standards mean that all marine engines for sale are thoroughly inspected throughout the remanufacturing process - from each component being inspected before assembly to the final unit being tested and then inspected once again before shipping or installation.

  • Our rebuilt marine motors all come standard with our impressive 7 years, 500 hours warranty - a  warranty that is a leader in the industry.

  • Our experience ultimately distinguishes us in this market. We have been offering high quality products and service for 25 years and our customers know that we are as reliable as the marine engines that we sell.

We’re always happy to answer any of your questions about our marine engines. No matter what your marine engine needs we’ll be able to offer you our expert opinion, products, and service that will deliver on power, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Look through our comprehensive selection of boat engines and call us at 1.800.542.3211 for more information on our products and prices.



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